Dread not: last long look at locks

SET FOR CHOP: Sarah-Kai Fletcher is shaving her dreadlocks for charity. Main picture: Simone De Peak SET FOR CHOP: Sarah-Kai Fletcher at age 11, with mum Annette and Captain Starlight. Main picture: Simone De Peak

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IT took Sarah-Kai Fletcher nearly a decade to startgrowing the dreadlocks she longed for as a child, but now she has declared the knots have to go.

And they are going for a good cause. Ms Fletcher, a cancer survivor, decided to shave her beloved locks in order to raise money for the Starlight Children’s Foundation.

‘‘I’d wanted dreadlocks ever since I was in kindergarten, and for my 12th birthday I was getting them but I couldn’t as I was sick and had no hair,’’ the now 26-year-old from Maryville said. ‘‘I finally got them when I was 20 and I knew I was always going to have them for about five years before shaving them off, and on Australia Day this year I knew that it was time.’’

Ms Fletcher knew first-hand the help the Starlight foundation could provide and didn’t hesitate to organise the fund-raiser, set for Swansea Hotel on April 20.

She said the response had been ‘‘outstanding’’, and she had already raised more than half of the $2000 required to grant a child’s wish.

‘‘Any extra funds raised will assist the Starlight Children’s Foundation in brightening the lives of seriously ill and hospitalised children, young people and families,’’ Ms Fletcher said.

‘‘In a ward you’re in a room with many kids and many beds and everyone is falling apart – it is quite full on, to get away from it and into the Starlight Room is massive. My friendship with Captain Starlight was outstanding – he made a point of coming and visiting me when I was too sick to get out of my ward, and it helped me survive.’’

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